August 12, 2010

Kids say (and sing) the darnedest things

When the boys were little, two or three years old, we had this unbelievably wonderful sitter. She was a God-send. No really. She was without a doubt, sent to us by God. I loved her. She and I became real, true friends. The boys liked adored worshipped her. She was warm, fun, loving and faith-filled. And she was nothing if not adventurous. We miss her. Truly.

I learned so much from this beautiful mother of four. Kids were her business and she was very good at it. She started for me one of my most favorite things. A simple memo book. The kind with empty, lined pages in it. In this book she and I wrote the things we heard the boys say. I was working at the time and I hated missing all of the wonderful things that happen daily when children are this age. The book not only remedied this problem but also created an heirloom I’ll treasure forever.  I ran across it a couple of weeks ago and it filled my home with laughter and tears all at the same time. I’ll share with you some of the priceless gems.

Blake sings: I come from Bala-ama with a band-aid on my knee.

Oh, what I wouldn’t do to hear that little voice sing that again!

Blake to Cade: How many times did I tol’ you, Bubba? You is da kitty!  Cade’s response: Moo.

Cade: Hey! I saw something! Blake (disappointed): I didn’t saw any somethings.

Oh me! I can just see that sweet, frowny face now.

There are more. I could go on for days. I’d love to share with you just how cute my little cuties are. Typical mom. I won’t apologize. =) But my message is this: get a book. Write it down. Oh, believe me, I know better than most how easy it is to get caught up in life and forget to record it. You didn’t miss it. You soaked it in and you think you’ll remember it forever. But you might not. Running across this book and sharing it with my boys was another great memory made. Maybe I should write it down.

post script: I just discovered rediscovered that my little memory book has a beautiful verse on the cover: “…he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” 2 Corinthians 9:6  Well. That’s kinda perfect.

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August 10, 2010

Little boys’ pockets

Over the years I have been continually amused by the gems I find in the boys’ pockets when I do laundry. I’ve heard moms fuss about having to empty pockets, but I’ve always truly enjoyed it. From the time my little guys were toddling around in their trusty rubber boots, I’ve been discovering the day’s most treasured finds when I get to their pockets. Dirt-encrusted Matchbox cars that went miles around a stick-drawn track to the tune of two perfected motor-mouths. A most beautiful bouquet made up of one little, yellow flower amidst a handful of drying grass and leaves, tucked away and forgotten before delivery to its intended recipient. Three rocks in varying sizes that were discovered in the driveway and deemed special and irreplaceable and worthy of a collection. A button, a washer, a Lego, a penny. Those special items shed a light on the fun-filled days and imaginations of my sweet boys and have always made me smile.

 Tonight as I prepared their jeans for the laundry, I realized that those treasured items are changing. And with them, my boys as well. They’ve traded their cars and Legos for iPods and guitar picks. I’m more likely to find a cell phone or a notebook paper drawing of the latest hot sports car.

 I know I spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about and longing for those toddler days when I could still rock them to sleep whenever I wanted or read Goodnight Moon just one more time. I know it’s okay to miss those days but that won’t bring them back.

These days we can have real discussions, figure things out together, laugh at the same things, appreciate each other. I wouldn’t take one single, solitary thing for my memories of those little tow heads; but I have to say that I’m enjoying the people they are now and the young men they are turning into. I’ll never rush it. Never wish to get through this stage or that. Instead I vow to live in the now and enjoy the new stuff in their pockets.